Purchasing ended domains for PR, does it still work?

Buying ended domains for PR, does it still work?

I have actually done some experiments over the past couple of months about expiring domains with PR to see if it is worth your while to capture these expired and deleted domains.

My concept why I would like to use expired domains is the notion that old domains are preferred than brand-new domains, and to obtain immediate PR.

So I set out to find deleted domains with PR that I can sign up. One characteristic of domains I was trying to find was that the domain still had a PR, and it was still listed in google.

I won’t be mentioning the actual domains here as I require to manage the results and avoid people from making backlinks to these domains.

I signed up about 4 domains, some have PR2 and PR3. Some have a couple of pages indexed, some have a few thousand. I also bought a couple of brand-new domains for my new tasks.

I learnt that google rarely checks out these domains so I have to prime it but with some fresh backlinks. After developing some backlinks to these domains, 2 domains eventually lost their PR. These two domains have just a few pages indexed in google. In one domain, I did a 301 irreversible redirect to the brand-new index page. This domain maintained its PR. One secret difference this domain has compared to the other 2 is that this domain has thousands of pages indexed in google.

In another domain, I did a 301 and redirect it to a fresh brand-new domain. The result is that the brand-new domain got indexed much faster and more pages were indexed compared with another new domain I registered at the exact same time. Nevertheless, PR was down to 0.

There is likewise a case where I did a 301 redirect from an old deleted domain with PR and never got any benefit from it.

In conclusion, there is still conflicting outcomes on whether purchasing deleted/expired domains. Some works, some don’t. However, what appear to work is that …

a. Old erase domains does consist of traffic from existing backlinks. If the old domain has loads of backlinks, it still does produce some traffic.

b. Other search engines such as yahoo and msn do not seem to have a predispositions against expired/deleted domains.


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Are Anchor Text Links Still Crucial for SEO?

A few years ago, the anchor text on links was really essential for SEO functions. The accurate text in links impacted the search results and still does to a level – browsing for “click here” still raises the Adobe Reader site. But Google bombing – a practice that included a diverse group of individuals producing a large number of precise anchor text links to impact the search engine result – has been mainly avoided from affecting the search results.As with almost everything to do with SEO, viewpoints vary regarding the exact mix of anchor links that need to be used however it is usually believed to be good practice to utilize a variety of different anchor texts instead of focusing on the accurate keyword phrases you desire your website to rank for. Instead, it is advised that you aim for a range of anchor links in the places where you can affect them in the first place.On sites like YouTube, you cannot affect the anchor text.

Any URL is immediately clickable however you can’t connect it with any text. It’s just a raw link pointing to whichever page you have actually chosen to include in your video description.YouTube really goes even more than this and allows you to connect back to accurate times inside the video merely by including the minutes and seconds in your description. YouTube will then transform that to a link that takes anyone who clicks it to that point in the video. Which programs they have the capability of consisting of various anchor texts however do not desire routine individuals to be able to control that.Outside YouTube, it is recommended that you consist of a variety of various anchor texts, consisting of a little proportion of ones with the keyword that you’re aiming to rank for.The remainder of the anchor texts- probably the bulk of them- ought to be a mix of other more generic words and expressions such as” click on this link” and “discover out more “. This sounds counter-productive as it doesn’t offer Google the precise words you wish to rank for. However it is in fact a smart idea as Google’s algorithm has the tendency to choose to work that kind of thing out for itself and it’s getting a lot much better at doing so.The logic behind blending lots of different anchor texts, the majority of which are generic, is that this is more natural. Whether or not that holds true is open to dispute and will probably vary from site to website and from market to industry.For instance, an article

site like this one is most likely to use precise text as the anchor pointing back to the website that contributed the article.A website run

by an enthusiast is maybe less likely to do that and is more most likely to utilize expressions like “click on this link”. So it deserves following the convention of the websites you’re using and blending your anchor text.Even to the point of having some links that are pure text- not even connected at all- as that takes place on some websites and with some less than technically proficient webmasters. If you wish to know more, check

out this site [http://thewebsitetutors.com/hot-topics/page-seo/page-seo-anchor-text/] to discover the SEO effects of anchor text [http://thewebsitetutors.com/hot-topics/page-seo/page-seo-anchor-text/] Article Source:< a href=" http://ezinearticles.com/expert/William_Turlow/1734154" > http://EzineArticles.com/expert/William_Turlow/1734154