Penguin Recovery and Over Optimized Anchor Text

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What Can You Do About Over Optimization Penalties

In late spring 2012, Google began to launch details about over optimization charges that it was implementing in its search ranking algorithms. Although they still haven’t used a great deal of info about exactly what counts as over optimization, anecdotal evidence and a lot of screening from passionate SEO minds have actually produced a fundamental summary about avoiding charges and recuperating from them.

This isn’t the same thing as Penguin, which captures link-stuffing and other obvious black-hat methods that anyone must have the ability to relate to the naked eye. Rather, the intent of over optimization charges is “essentially to attempt and level the playing ground a little bit. So all those people … “excessively” doing their SEO, compared with individuals who are just making terrific material and attempting to make a great site, we wish to sort of make that playing field a bit more level.”

That gives a little insight. But from this quote, you ‘d think you could not get torn down in rankings for over optimization if you have actually never attempted to SEO your site. But an writer had the specific opposite experience. His individual blog site was de-ranked for some really specific search terms despite having never ever enhanced it at all and only having a handful of inbound links.

This does not mean you need to stress if you SEO your site. Instead, you ought to focus on 3 things. Initially, monitor your analytics or ensure your inbound marketing company is doing so. Any time you alter something about your website or there’s an information refresh, it’s possible for spiders and algorithms to re-rank your website much lower. You desire to catch that immediately so you can fix the problem, whether it’s over optimization or anything else.

Second, focus on providing excellent content and structure links with others in the industry in such a method that you’re assisting users. Customer-centric SEO will nearly never raise over-optimized triggers. For example, the SEOmoz writer deduced that a person of his own old sites was triggering the problem because the anchor text for links to his blog was packed with keywords. In this example, he tested more natural anchor text that still had keywords, and the old rankings returned within a day. This is a clear case where modifying the SEO tool to appear less spammy and more beneficial enabled him to avoid the ranking charge.

Lastly, cut the pure SEO white-hat methods. For example, paid link exchanges at high volumes is a method that Google placed on the shortlist of things it wanted to punish. The more a method is essentially a direct link in between cash and rankings without a user-centered stop, like beneficial material, along the method, the most likely it is Google will punish you.

Over optimization charges are a truth. But they should just affect a very small number of websites that aren’t really participating in slightly questionable rank farming methods. As long as you have a fundamental idea of what could trigger the charge and are watching on ranking and analytics, you ought to be fine.

Discover more about over optimization penalties and what you can do to prevent them at.

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