Michigan SEO Company Explains Google Penguin 2.1 Update

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Penguin 2.1 hit the web less than a week back!

What Exactly Is Google Targeting In This Penguin 2.1 Update?

* Much like Penguin 1.0’s anchor text control, huge G seems to be targeting abnormal anchor portions.
* Google is merely decreasing the value of these links rather of penalizing. This suggests you can save a website struck by Penguin by altering your site’s backlink profile.
* Nevertheless, the new modification seems to have gotten some smarts when carrying out detection for source significance. It appears it is taking a look at the page level for this.
* If you have low quality material surrounding your link, then this will lead to getting decreased the value of. You will most likely be at danger if you are using low-grade articles or spun material.
* Absence of diversity of your links (anchor text).

What link building continues to work post Penguin 2.1?

* Exactly what plainly just works is High PR links that matter from paid or personal networks.
* Websites that have a low quantity of overall links, from quality sources, have actually done well.
* Having a diversified backlink profile, without putting too much attention on any one offered link type.
* Structure connect to your 2nd and 3rd tiers, as Google appears to be overlooking these. Using link pyramids is working for many.
* A great mix of backlinks distributed throughout internal pages, not simply the web page.

Why Has Google Missed High PR Networks, Yet Once Again?

* Well, in my simple viewpoint, you can’t create a mathematics or code solution to find these kinds of networks simultaneously.
* PR websites are too diversified, too various and customized. There’s no single footprint G can utilize to find them all.
* The huge, public PR networks left a HUGE footprint that Google found and that’s why they were able to bring them down all at when.

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