Evaluating Google Page Rank Update

Analyzing Google Page Rank Update

Google page rank updates are a true blessing for some and a curse for others. Whenever Google upgrade the Page Rank, it is displayed on their toolbar and during every upgrade it triggers an unfortunate stir within the SEO community as web designers utilize all the rules in the book to get their website among the top Google rankings.

For those of you who are new to this, Page Rank is basically a kind of ranking or a rating that sets your website aside from the other sites on the Web. The factor that drives page ranking is the total number of links pointing to your site and their value. The worth of these links is calculated depending on the PageRank of the websites that has those links.

You can always go to google.com/technology/ for additional information on page rank, the innovation, and, standard of links.

The existing PageRank upgrade is expected to cause rather a stir because many websites will display considerable drops in their PageRank and at the very same time the very same sites will likewise reveal significant boost in the number of back links. This fact generally reveals the event of among the following:

1. This may have occurred because Google raised the bar/score on PageRank. This can make it hard for websites to keep the exact same ranking with the existing rating.

2. The method of displaying back links has actually been changed

3. The method of computing the value of any incoming link has been changed

Raising The Bar: Google

From the last few updates, the majority of SEO specialists can make out that Google has been raising the bar continuously on their PageRank. This is being seen as a majot change particularly in the light of events where websites have obtained greater page rank by buying numerous links. The existing Google Page rank update is also owned by this aspect.

The New Calculations

There are numerous websites, which have revealed an increase in backlinks and the truth of the matter is that Google does not reveal all the backlinks. You can discover a precise count of backlinks on any site from Yahoo by going into yourdomain.com.

For instance, if a particular site is showing 700 backlinks on Google as of now then if you examine Yahoo, you will discovered more than 10,000 backlinks. In a method, it is safe to say that a site’s change in page rank is not caused due to Google showing lower number of back links.

The real value of a link

The worth of a link seems to have actually played an essential function in the change in Google Page rank update. The various locations, which display a reduced value of a link include:

– Multiple links from a single website
– Textual links like “Partners”, etc.
– Links from low relevance sites

If you are among those who have lost their present page ranking and have gone even lower then the very first thing that you have to do is develop great quality links or high significance links. It will be another 3 months prior to the next Google page rank upgrade. If you have increased you page rank up until now by buying countless links then it’s time to look for another technique– amore promising method.