Are You A Bill Clinton Webmaster?

Are You An Expense Clinton Webmaster?

One of the most regular concerns I get inquired about my ebook, Do not Get Banned BY The Online search engine, is whether I changed it to consist of post-Florida Google. “Florida” is the code name that browse engine optimizer wizards offered to a November, 2003, shakeup at Google that left many web designers covering themselves up with makeshift fig leaves while hanging upside down above the proverbial crocodile moat.
I am lured to explain that, “No, I did not change it, since nothing has actually truly changed.” But just attempt telling the world that Expense Clinton did not have “sex” with Monica Lewinski. Yeah, right.
So I take the lazy escape and I just state, “Yes.”.
However the regret has been creeping up on me, comprehending at my skin, gnawing away at my bones, chewing on my heart, trampling my conscience, and spitting out my toe nails one by one. So this is confession time. Don’t Get Banned By The Search Engine has actually not been amended to include post-Florida Google.
Is this because I am pitching stagnant goods? Am I leading people astray? Do I have an idea exactly what’s going on? “No”, “I hope so”, and “Perhaps”.
In fact, nothing really has actually altered at Google, and webmasters who have actually been following Google’s guidelines can simply keep doing what they have constantly been doing, simply as Presidents who follow public decency standards can keep doing exactly what they are doing (up until we vote them out of workplace for other factors, obviously).
” However I followed the standards, and I still took bullets in numerous essential organs,” I hear numerous webmasters say. In reality, few webmasters have been following Google’s standards. The majority of have actually been following the Clinton what-can-I-get-away-with fig leaf standards.
Bear in mind that Bill Clinton never had “sex” with Monica Lewinski. Technically. Honest, he not did anything wrong. He followed the guidelines by not having “sex” with Monica Lewinski. In fact, he was seen in public not having sex with Monica Lewinski on a number of celebrations.
And web designers follow the rules by not connecting to “link farms” or “overoptimizing”. Sure, they will connect to sites that have nothing to do with their site’s subject, however not to a “link farm”. And they will “exchange links”, however surely that does not break Google’s” distinctively democratic nature of the web” concept. As long as you are not in fact caught publicly stuffing the ballot box, how could Google potentially suggest that you are doing so?
So here are my post-Florida rules:.
You only connect to appropriate sites, since that’s what you understand Google and your visitors desire. Keep doing that.
You do not exchange links, since that would be packing Google’s tally box and that is NOT something Google wants. Keep not doing that.
Your link does not appear on many ineffective “links” pages, where it needs to share PageRank with dozens of other web sites. Keep refraining from doing that.
You accept links only from pertinent web pages, because you know that’s the only meaningful traffic … and that’s what Google desires. Keep doing that.
Your links look different on different websites around the Web, because that’s how a democratic procedure would produce your links. Keep doing that.
You keep including pertinent content to your website, because that’s exactly what you understand Google and your visitors want. Keep doing that.
See? No change. And if there is a modification, it simply indicates that you were not following Google’s guidelines in the past. Oh sure, technically you may have been following Google’s standards, however technically Bill Clinton didn’t have sex with Monika Lewinski. Another round of fig leaves, anybody?
Google executed “stemming” together with the Florida upgrade, or most likely a few weeks previously. Considering that your inbound links are diverse and often special, you most likely already are making the most of stemming, so it won’t trouble you. And considering that you compose meaningful copy for your visitors, you probably already have all the stemming you require right in your copy. You are prepared to really stand out in Post-Florida Google.
Google is also carrying out a “communities” element. Considering that your inbound links all originate from appropriate web pages, you are currently part of the community. You are already well positioned to be successful in Post-Florida Google, right?
Google has actually executed “charges” for some typically overoptimized terms. Actually, I think charges is most likely the incorrect word, but that is what the majority of SEOs are using. Given that you write quality material, meaningful headers, and don’t cut and paste the very same phrase over and over in every possible location, you are prepared to dominate Mount Google.
Simply puts, if you were following Google’s guidelines, not the Costs Clinton fig leaf guidelines, just keep doing what you are doing. For the rest of you, right time you dropped the fig leaf and wrapped yourself up in something a little bit more considerable that will weather the high winds of Google’s next big storm?
And, “No.” I did not amend Do not Get Banned BY The Search Engines to include post-Florida Google since I never recommended people to follow the Expense Clinton fig leaf guidelines in the initial edition.